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Charging lithium ion batteries

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    I have a couple of different lithium ion battery packs. On one pack charging current reads 0.1 amps, and on the other 1.5 amps.

    I already charged the 0.1 amp pack with 0.1 amps, and seems to be working. Now, I'm sort of weary charging the other pack with 1.5 amps. Doesn't that seem too much current for a lithium ion battery? The packs contain multiple 4.2 V cells in series though.
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    ehh it does seem a tad much, usually 4.2 cells like 1.2A currents on charge depending on how many cells you got in em
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    This may help...

    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithium_ion_battery

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    Thanks, I charged the thing with a constant of 1.5 amps, and leveled it with a constant voltage. Didn't heat up though.
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