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Homework Help: Chem question on dash-wedge structures

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    how would you draw this structure in 3d using dash-wedge representation?


    From my guess, I drew the N=C=C as being parallel, and the two hydrogens coming off the second C without having any dashes or wedges, but curving at 120 degrees from the carbon. For the HN, I had the H represented using a dark wedged line. To represent the N I had a dashed line going out, with 2 electrons depicted at the end of that dashed line to represents Nitrogens 2 free electrons.

    Is this accurate and if not what is the right way? And what is the hybridization of the N in HN=C=CH2?
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    Look up allene on wikipedia.
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