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Homework Help: Chemistry Organic Molecule Drawing Program

  1. Aug 28, 2007 #1
    to whom may read this,
    i was desperately looking for a chemistry computer program which allows me to draw organic molecules, methane, trans-1,2-dichloroethene, cyclopentene, etc. with the bonds in them. Here is an example of what i would like the program to draw:

    http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/9854/organicexampleol8.jpg [Broken]

    If possible i would like to have the molecules it draws to be able to be placed into Word documents 07, as that is where i write my labs. If anyone knows of such a program, could they please relpy to this post, i have been fruitlessly looking for the past 2 weeks.
    Many thanks,

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    Look up Chemdraw (from CambridgeSoft).
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    A free program is available. It is BKchem and is available HERE:


    I would click on the 'Windows installer of the last stable release' hotlink.
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    thank you for the replies. ChemDraw is a little excessive to what i want, while BKchem is perfect, just need to learn how to use it :P
    thanks once again
  6. Sep 1, 2007 #5

    I want to draw a complicated chemical compound using latex. I think the best way is to draw it using chemdraw or BKchem, and then I got a picture (graphic). How can I put that graphic in to Latex? (I use TexnicCenter).

    I know this

    But I don't know where myimage.png comes from. Do I have to provide the path, or anything?

    Thank a lot.
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    The picture file, myimage.png, needs to live in the same folder as the LaTeX source that you are compiling.
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    You want Latex do you? You dirty devil you...
  9. Jul 1, 2009 #8
    a program that is good to and is freeware i think is ChemSketch from ACDLabs i ha da link but i don't know where i put it lol
    is good to simple quests, the hirgher limitation is to draw multi aromatic compounds like 3 conjugated benzenes
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    If you are attending a University, they generally provide such programs for free download in your student account.
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    You must go to a really nice university. Although my undergraduate institution (a state school) did provide us access to software like Matlab, Mathematica, and ChemDraw, we had to go to the computer labs to use them. They did not provide us with copies to use on our personal computers.
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    How many students are at your University? If you have 25,000+ students, then I'm almost positive you have it included with your tech fee. Most people at my University didn't know this because all anyone ever does on their student account is register their next semester courses and check their grades. Just spend an extra 15 minutes to check out all your other options, I'm sure it's there. Chemdraw was one of the programs included but I never downloaded it, instead I opted for a free version of Microsoft Office, Windows Vista Enterprise, and Windows Vista Ultimate. (Undergraduate State School) :biggrin:
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  13. Jul 23, 2010 #12
    Bringing this up from it's slumber. We had Mathematica and Matlab at our state university for free but on at the labs as well. No personal copies.. BKCHEM is exactly what I was looking for in my own research. Thanks, David
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