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Homework Help: Coefficient of Friction and Forces

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    A flatbed tractor trailer takes off from a stop sign on a level road. If a box on the back slides back 10 meters while the truck goes forward 50 meters and attains a speed of 15 m/s, what is the coefficient of friction (μ) between the bed and the box? Assume the bed to be at least 10 meters long.

    FF= μFN
    FN= mg

    I don't know if those are the right formulas, specifically because no mass is given. I just don't know how to find the forces without acceleration; is there a formula for that? If these are the right formulas, how do I find the mass or FN? I chose these formulas because FF is the forward force, and it had μ in the equation. Help!!
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    That's some of them.

    There is also F = m*a.

    And that a would be really useful to know wouldn't it?

    You know the final velocity and you know the distance, so you should be able to figure the "a" shouldn't you?
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    Wow. Ok, so I've found "a", but still don't know how to get FN, since I don't have the mass or force. I know there's some really obvious formula, but I CANNOT remember it.
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    Maybe write out your equations and your mass will cancel out?

    If you are looking for kinematic equations:
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