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Colleges that offer degrees in nuclear and particle physics

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    Anyone know of any specific colleges that offer degrees in one or both? I havent seen many with degrees in Particle Physics. Thanks!
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    Graduate or undergrad? You generally don't get a specialized undergrad degree.
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    Ok so what would my career path be if i wanted to be a nuclear and/or particle physicist? What Undergrad and Grad stuff. Maybe some high-school courses i should take in the next 2 years, etc. Thanks! :D
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    You get an undergraduate degree in physics. You can specialize in nuclear or particle physics in graduate school, or perhaps with a few advanced courses as an undergraduate.
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    I agree - undergraduate physics programs are fairly general - although when I studied physics, we had 'options' which meant taking speical elective physics courses in nuclear or astro- physics in addition to core physics courses.

    Certainly as a grad student one will take more specialized courses.

    I would imagine one has to look at universities which have accelerators, or arrangements with national labs (Fermilab, SLAC, Jefferson Lab(jlab)), which have accelerators.
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    Thanks guys! I appreciate it, that really clarifies it for me, thanks! :D

    So what colleges offer good physics programs? And what colleges are good for graduate degrees? Thanks!
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