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Homework Help: Complex number

  1. Jun 29, 2009 #1
    can someone help me solve this question as fasd as possible??
    im really headache wif it....

    determine the 3 cube roots of 3-i over 3+i giving the result in modulus argument form,express the principal root in the form a+Jb
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    hello..anyone can help me out??
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    Do not bump your post after only 16 minutes. It is unreasonable to expect fast help all the time here on the PF.

    Also, you must show your attempt at a solution before we can be of help. Show us how you would go about simplifying the complex fraction that you are describing....
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    First off, you're going to want to calculate (3 - i)/(3 + i), to get it in the form a + bi. After that, you should calculate the polar form of this complex number, r(cos[itex]\theta[/itex] + i sin[itex]\theta[/itex]). After that, you can use DeMoivre's Formula to find a cube root, which says that
    [tex](r(cos\theta + i sin\theta))^{1/n} = r^{1/n}(cos(\theta/n) + i sin(\theta/n))[/tex].
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