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Homework Help: Component Acceleration/Velocity

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    The problem is stated as follows:

    A sailboat is travelling east at 4.10 m/s. A sudden gust of wind gives the boat an acceleration a=(0.500 m/s2,40.0° north of east). What is the boat's speed 5.90 s later when the gust subsides?

    I've tried breaking it into component vectors, but no luck. Suggestions?
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    It's easier to write down the whole vectors. So, [tex]\vec{v}(t) = \vec{v}_{0}+\vec{a}\cdot t = 4.1 \vec{i} + (0.5\cos(40) \vec{i} + 0.5\sin(40) \vec{j})t[/tex]. Plug in t = 5.9 and you'll have your velocity vector. (The speed is it's magnitude.)
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    what are the equations you are using?
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    I totally understand your formula; I made the proper substitutions and it works. Thanks.
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