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Composite doubt.

  1. Sep 27, 2007 #1
    Composite doubt.........

    Composites are so cool and they make me go wild......
    I have the composite paper only in my 6th semester and I am only in 3rd semester.....
    I was wondering if there are any online calculators to check out the properties of composites. I wanna work out with various combinations of reinforcements and matrices and check out the results.......
    Somebody please help me.
    How can I calculate the various engineering properties like strength(tensile, compressive), stiffness, modulus of elasticity and rigidity of composites?
    I know there are sources in the internet for common composites like FRP, Kevlar, Carbon/graphite etc etc....... It is just that I wanna try it out for various combinations...
    Please help me out........
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