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Computer cd drive in car

  1. Aug 16, 2005 #1
    hello every one
    i just joined up
    can any one supply me with circuit diagrams and parts lists
    i want to run a pc cddrive in my car
    so i want to make a dc dc converter thaht takes 12V and gives out +12V +5V and two grounds like in a pc
    there are converters and inverters available
    but they are expensive not readily available in our country and i cant buy online
    so iwant to make my own circuit

    can any one please help :smile:
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  3. Aug 29, 2005 #2
    hello all
    i still couldnot get help
    may be some one could send me circuit diagram for dc ac inverter 100w or more
    and parts list
    thanks any body
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    You probably didn't get help because it isn't clear what you are trying to do. For what purpose do you want a cd-rom drive? Is it connected to a computer? Anyway, my recommendation would be to buy an adapter from Radio Shack that puts out 5V, rather than try to make one yourself.
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    You don't need 100W for a CDROM drive -- probably more like a couple of watts. Just use the car 12V straight for the 12V (maybe filter it a little), and use a 7805-type linear regulator to make the 5V. Pretty straightforward, and a lot cleaner supplies compared to using a DC-DC converter.
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