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Concept of Electric field

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    How to make an electric field?
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    Charge applies a force that interacts with any other charge in the region of the force's influence.

    The region that the force influences is generically called a force field, and it describes how much and what direction the force will act on another charge at any point in space. The field can be uniform, where the force will be the same at every point, or it can be non-uniform where the force can be different at each point in space.

    So, to make an electric field, you only need the presence of a charge. Charge is a property of certain matter, so you need particles that have the property of charge. Since charge has polarity, a collection of particles has to have a net charge for it to create an electric field.
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    hi vinzie! :smile:
    we can't really make electric fields, we can only rearrange them

    every charged particle has an electric field, and when we rearrange the particles, we rearrange the total field

    (we also usually produce a magnetic field)
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