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Controlling sound/video inputs

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    Is there some kind of switch that I can buy to control multiple (like 3) video and sound inputs to a tv with a switch for different modes? Cuz i have a ps2, and 2 dvd players that i use with one tv and everytime i have to use one of the three i have to unplug one then plug in another. It would be nice if i could just flick a switch to change them.
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    midi amp system with 3 aux ports?
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    i am not sure what you are talking about but what i want is something with 3 sets or aux ports and a switch so that i can switch from one device to another. so i plug all of them in but when i want to use the ps2 i put the switch on ps2, when i want to use the dvd player i switch to dvd player. it should be something like a cable spitter.
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    I have a video switch just for this purpose, it has 6 inputs for composite or s-video and left and right audio channels and a single out for the TV. You simply push in a button which corresponds to your desired input. Similar to this
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    thanx very much integral. i was looking for one like this all over the web
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