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Convex Mirror & Virtual images

  1. Mar 27, 2013 #1
    1. A spherical mirror is used to form an image 5 times as tall as an object, on a screen positioned 5.0m from the mirror.
    a) Describe the type of mirror required
    b) Where should the mirror be positioned relative to the object

    2. M = (Di)/(Do) & 1/(Di) + 1/(Do) = 1/(F)

    3. I have solved the problem ( assuming Di = -5) getting Do = 1. m & the mirror being a convex mirror. However how it possible for a virtual image to be projected onto a screen? Thanks
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    A virtual image cannot be projected onto a screen. Is there a way to get a real image 5 times taller than the object? (The problem does not say that the image must be upright. The image might be inverted.)
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    It is not virtual. What type of shpherical mirror produces a real image? Between what two positions on the axis should the object be to get an enlarged real image?
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