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Demagnetization factor

  1. Oct 11, 2005 #1
    i have little questions which make me banging my head against the wall over the last few days.

    now, before too many walls collapsed:yuck: :

    1. can anyone direct me to an easy reference which explain how to calculate demagnetization factor N for simple geometries (such as long cylinder, thin films, etc). remember, a simple one! not ellipsoids!!

    2. i believe demagnetization arises because of the boundary effect. is this correct? to be exact, how? i thought this is because at the boundary (if we talk about a cylindrical magnet with magnetization along its axis) the dipole moment there does not have a pair. is this correct? can anyone explain in cleaner way?

    3. and why the sum of demagnetization factor in all 3 axes is always unity? or is it?

    for those who attempt good response, i would thank very much.
    especially gokul43201 who responded my few questions in the past. thanks for the help.
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  3. Dec 8, 2010 #2
    Look in my publication in Magnet analysis with a Helmholz coil set
    Compter, J.C. van der Veen, J.L.F.
    Page(s): 177 - 182
    Digital Object Identifier : 10.1049/ip-smt:20030495

    Abstract | Full Text: PDF (400KB)
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