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Homework Help: Determine the homolytic C-H bond strength in CH3OH employing the following data.

  1. Dec 2, 2008 #1
    DfH (CH3OH) = -201.6 kJ mol-1
    DfH (H) = 218 kJ mol-1
    DfH (HBr) = -36 kJ mol-1
    DfH (Br) = 111.9 kJ mol-1
    CH3OH + Br  CH2OH + HBr k(300K) = 1 x 106 M-1s-1; k(350K) = 4 x 108 M-1s-1
    CH2OH + HBr  CH3OH + Br k(300K) = 1 x 107 M-1s-1; k(350K) = 7.7 x 108 M-1s-1

    Any help would be appreciated, I just can't figure out how to even start this problem. Thanks in advance
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    Use the rate data to correlate with the temperature data and find the enthalpy of the reaction for the two equations.

    Write the homolytic dissociation equation. Also clarify the subscripts.
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