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Determine the reverse saturation current for the diode

  1. May 1, 2015 #1
    Determine the reverse saturation current for the diode below, given that VS = 5V, R = 360Ω produces a diode current of 10mA. Use h = 1.3 and VT = kT/q = 25mV.

    I believe this is the formula needed.
    Id = Is(e^(VD/(h*25mV))-1)

    The problem I had was I've done several questions similar to this but I was always given the Is (the reverse saturation I believe). But this time it's the reverse.

    I've tried to solve this by retracing from

    10mA = Is(e^(0.7/(1.3*25mV))-1)

    (0.7V was supplied one time, since i needed to find other VD when Id(mA) = 1, 5, 10, 20)

    and the answer I got was 4.43x10^-12

    Seemed right until I put the numbers back in and tried getting the VD. I think i got somewhere around 662V or something instead of 0.7.

    Any idea how to go about this?

    Much thanks in advance!
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    That's the value of IS that I calculate.
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