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A DFT Code for Finite-Temperature Calculations

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    I'm interested in calculating density of states (DOS) and band structures for metals in which the electrons have a finite temperature (up to ~ 3 eV).

    I've read several papers indicating that the DOS shifts with electron temperature, and that DFT can be used to calculate finite-temperature electronic structures by including entropy effects (i.e., minimizing the free energy).

    My question is, which (if any) of the "standard" DFT codes performs such finite-temperature modeling.

    Specifically, does either VASP or ABINIT have this capability?

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    A quick and "dirty" way to do this is to apply a Fermi-Dirac smearing. This can be done in VASP , Abinit , and almost any DFT code.

    A more physically meaningful approach is implemented in Abinit. Check its release notes starting from version 7 or so.
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