Did You Know About the 110 Non-Posting Members in This Forum?

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In summary, there are 110 members in the forum who have never posted, 80 who have only posted once, and 40 who have only posted twice. The true question is how many members have only posted thrice. The conversation also discusses the fact that registering and forgetting about the site is common, and some people prefer to lurk and read rather than post. Moving a thread out of General Discussion does not automatically update the post count, but it can be manually updated. The majority of members with a low post count either post mainly in General Discussion or ask a specific question and then disappear.
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did you know that there is a 110 members in this forum who have never posted even one single post.
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and about 80 who have only posted once
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and about 40 who have only posted twice, just in case you cared.
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And here you've managed to get 3 posts out of it!(not that they count on the General Board)
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The true question is how many members have only posted thrice
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I just joined and this is my second post so I'm helping/hurting the stats somehow . . . it's like this on every board like this. People register and then forget about the site for whatever reason.
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Oh see the sad thing stephanie is that both your posts have been in the general discussion forum, so neither of them count. But be not dismayed you can still post up in the others and get out of the awful 0 post count category.
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just posting to see how many times i have posted,
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some people like to lurk and read more than talk a lot.
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Just curious...

If this thread happened to be moved out of General Discussion, would these posts then be tacked onto our post count?
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The majority of those that have only a few posts are either:
People who post mainly in Gen. Disc.

People who come to ask a specific question (like in homework help) and then disappear.

1. What does "110 non-posting members" mean?

The term "110 non-posting members" refers to individuals who are registered members of this forum but have not actively participated by posting any content.

2. How do you know there are exactly 110 non-posting members?

This information can be gathered from the forum's database, which keeps track of registered users and their activity on the site.

3. Why are there so many non-posting members?

There could be various reasons for this, such as members who created an account but lost interest in the forum, or those who prefer to simply read and not actively participate.

4. Does having non-posting members affect the forum in any way?

Having non-posting members does not necessarily have a negative impact on the forum. However, it may skew the overall statistics and make it seem like there is a larger community than there actually is.

5. Can non-posting members become active participants in the future?

Yes, it is possible for non-posting members to become active participants in the future. They may find a topic that interests them or gain the confidence to start contributing to discussions.

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