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Direction of field intensity .?

  1. Feb 27, 2008 #1
    Direction of field intensity.....?

    "The vector that best describes the direction of the electric field intensity at point x on the 200Volt equipotential line is"?...... ....(five multiple choice options)

    There is a diagram of decreasing/increasing equipotentail lines with a point "x" on one which from four vectors are going, two parallel to the line and two perpendicular.

    I know the answer they want, so I think I know what they mean( what direction is the electric field vector in).
    My question is with the wording, "direction of the electric field intensity".
    Does this even make any sense?
    From what I understand "electric field intensity" is the magnitude of the electric field at that point. So it is just a scaler and does not have a direction......
    Or am I missing/misunderstanding something?

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