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Download a *Windows 95 emulator* for XP ?

  1. Apr 2, 2005 #1
    Where can I download a *Windows 95 emulator* for XP ?
    I use Windows XP Pro, and it has program compatibility options.
    However, these don't work for my case (it just won't work!).

    Where can I download a *Windows 95 emulator* for use on XP?
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    WinXP has compatibility tools. You can run a program like it was windows 95. Just right click the exe and goto the tab.
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    I know I know---but the compatibility tools don't work for this program I'm trying to install! I set everything to windows 95 compatibility mode, but the program refuses to install! It somehow "knows" I'm really using Windows XP OS....:eek:

    So where can I download a *Windows 95 emulator* for use on XP ??
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    If it is the install program itself that is complaining, then you might be able to edit the install files.
    If it is XP complaining about some illegal operation the program wants to perform then you may or may not be out of luck depending on the exact operation.

    You could set up a dual boot system and boot to Win95 to run your program.
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    erm, just do this...

    Make sure you have all Win95 DLL's and anything else you think your exe installer might use (most of them go in your system32 folder or in the folder of your installer). Dll hell causes a lot of problems.
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    Good idea---but how do I edit the install files? There are only DLL's and JPG images and icons, and the setup application
    How to edit?

    erm, just do this...

    Can I place them in there without affecting my XP system?
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    Some Setup programs have a plain text control file.
    An exec only setup is more difficult. Also more fun :biggrin:

    Sure. As long as there are no existing files of that name.
    Or you could keep them in the application directory and update the path parameter to include that directory.

    One big problem is if the program requires registry entries.
    You need to find out what they are.

    Put it somewhere, click on it, see what happens.
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