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Homework Help: Electric charge and elctric filed

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    vectors, i hate those stinkinh vectors! :wink:
    Anyways, I have theis problem and dont know how to solve for it.

    A piece of plastic has a net charge of +2.00 microC. How many more protons then eclectrons does this piece of plastic have?

    Now i know plastic is a insulator which guessing i would say its smaller than the net charge but i saw this formula for F_net = F_1 +_ F_2 assuming this is for electrostatic Force perhaps, i donno.

    How do i solve for this, plz? Whats the formula i use?
    whats the answer? Just kidding!

    Dx :wink:
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    You don't need vectors here. Nor you need to know that plastic is insulator. The only thing you need is a charge of single proton and of single electron. Can you fetch that?
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    Charge on electron(and proton too) is 1.6*10-19 C

    So from there you just do factor label.

    The 2*10-6 C you were given is the net charge of all the extra protons. (well, not extra protons, just lacking electrons..but u get the picture) From there, just divide that number by the charge of a single proton and you will get your answer.
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