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Homework Help: Electric Charge and Help Putting an Answer Into CAPA Assignment

  1. Jan 11, 2005 #1
    I'm using CAPA now for online homework and I seem to be having some trouble inputting an answer. Last semester I used webassign which I think is so much easier. Anyways, the first question was "Two small spheres with charges 7 and 6 coulombs are held 9 m apart. Find the magnitude of the force (in N) between them." I got the answer and it was 4.66E+09 N. Now the second question relates to this one and it says "Is the force attractive (1) or repulsive (-1)? " There are two positive chargers here and same charges are repulsive so I type in repulsive and it was wrong, I put in repulsive force and it was wrong. I even tried typing in attractive and it was wrong. What's going on? Please help! This seems like a ridiculous question to get wrong! Thanks
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