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Homework Help: Electric field and work done

  1. Jul 23, 2010 #1
    A charge of 3C is moved from infinity to a point X in an electric field. The work done in this process is 15 J. T electric potential energy at X is

    A 45 V

    B 22.5 V

    C 15 V

    D 5 V

    E 0.2 V


    Please,help me to answer the question this question i am confuse about the equation.

    should i use electric potential = Q/4 (Pie) X r^2
    And which equation is related to which..i am confused..!!!!!!
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    The answer options seem to just be the 'electric potential' and not 'electric potential energy'.

    The question specifies, charge,q and work done,W(or energy) and is asking you for the potential,V at that point
    Have you come across expressions relating q,V and W?
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    Yeahhh v=w/Q 15/3 5V

    lolzz seem easy..but what intricate me is that when to use the equation q Q k /r^2 and the other equation..
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    well i have a suggestion for you. first, read the question carefully and note down all the bits of information. like in the above case: work done and charge. then think of an equation relating the information and the question. this will help a lot.
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