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  1. I am a 2nd year student at an engineering school. I searched google and other sources to try to find anything and everything on electrical engineering. I found only a few good sites, though. So I was wondering if anyone could please give me a useful site or two. : ) Of course I am looking for Electrical Engineering sites that summarize the information. Comprehensive study guides are useful too. Practically anything on EE. What I was original looking for was tutorials for EE. I love tutorials which can wake oneself up after taking a decent nap reading the text. Please respond.
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    Electrical engineering is an enormous field. The reason why you've found so few sites to "summarize" the material is that it's not sensible to ask anyone to summarize an entire discipline.

    It's like walking into med school and asking for them to compress the whole thing down into, you know, a pamphlet.

    - Warren
  4. Anything will help.
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  6. The above site covers most of the topics that u study in ur second year
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