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Homework Help: Electrochemistry electrode labeling

  1. Mar 23, 2010 #1
    well i would like to know how do we label the electrode as negative and positive in a daniel cell. i dnt want the learn course like anode is this and cathode is this
    but what i want to know as to whats the concept behind that labelling
    my book says that if the electrode has a positive potential wrt the solution its positive and same for negative
    but my question is that in a daniel cell how this this potential come into picture
    like the solution as a whole is neutral. then lets say copper reduces and sticks to the rod
    then the excess negative in the slution is neutralised by the salt bridge
    so how come the electrode develop a potential
    also in my book it says the zn2+ ions surround the zn electrode. so how come that happen
    why doesnt the negative part in the solution surround the zn electrode.

    also just to clarify i am not talking about the potential difference between the 2 electrodes but the electrode and the solution.
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