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Electrochemistry - Half Cell Reactions

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    A Galvanic Cell is given. Write its Anode and Cathode half reactions, complete cell reaction and thus determine if the given is concentration cell.

    [itex]Pt|O_2(1\; atm)|NaO\! H(10^{-3}M)||H_2SO_4(0.5M)|O_2(1\;atm)|Pt[/itex]

    I know that at anode, Oxygen will get oxidised, maybe from NaOH solution and at cathode, Oxygen will get reduced.

    Here's what I think of anodic reaction
    [itex]2O\!H^-\rightarrow 2H^++O_2+4e^-[/itex]

    And the mighty cathodic reaction
    [itex]O_2+4e^-+2H^+\rightarrow 2O\!H^-[/itex]

    And thus, this cell is just a concentration cell (i.e. E°(cell) = 0)

    Am... I right??? :uhh:
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    Hello...??? Can please anyone answer the question that I am right with my guesswork??? This question is eating me inside out.
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