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Electrons flow

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    I wanna ask a qusetion about the electrons, what the time plays with the current flow??? what will be happen for example with current 0.5A in the wire with 5 ohm???

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    What do you mean? Please rephrase your question.
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    Heat will be produced, as
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    You get power dissipation measured in watts. Ohm's law
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    Heat will be produced, as

    could u explain more
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    That equation is meant to show that the heat energy H generated by the current flow is equal to the power P multiplied by time t. Like this:

    [tex]H = Power * t = I^2 * R * t[/tex]

    Where I is the current and R is the resistance.

    But I'm not sure that's what you are trying to ask. You might also be asking how to calculate how many electrons are flowing past a point in the wire, given the current I = 0.5A. If that is your question, you can figure it out from the fact that 1 Amp of current is equal to 1 Coulomb of charge flowing past a point per second. The charge per electron is often written as "e" with the following value:

    [tex]e = -1.602 * 10^{-19} Coulombs[/tex]
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