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Engineering for a rocket scientist

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    Hi everyone,
    I want to be a rocket scientist and get a position at NASA by the time I finish my collge. What kind of engineering do I need to major in?
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    Have you seen the long queue?
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    You'd probably be focused on aerospace/aeronautical engineering for designing spacecraft, rockets, and the like. If your university doesn't offer this, mechanical engineering is very similar.

    Would you be happy working for a company that isn't NASA, such as Boeing or Lockheed Martin?
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    I would happy working for such companies. Why? Do you have any idea or comments for it?
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    Not necessarily, I was just making sure you weren't limiting yourself to just one industry. I'd imagine that it's not hard to get a job with NASA as an aerospace engineer, though. Let us know if you have anymore questions.
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    Since you have quite a bit of academic road ahead of you before you can even consider looking for a position with any of these companies, I wouldn't worry too terribly much right now about working for them. If you like rockets and such, then go into aerospace and or mechanical engineering. They also need electrical engineers as well. From what I have seen, there is a larger need for systems and electrical types. You wouldn't be hurting yourself if you went into the physics realm as well. Understand that companys like those, whose lifeblood is very high tech, are very selective and will also want a good amount of experience as part of your background. That's not to say they never look for college grads, but the numbers are not on your side if you have no experience. Concentrate on your studies first. You may find out that your preferences change drastically during school.
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    Many universities have a split-aersospace engineering major. About half the in-major courses are the same, but people who focus on aircraft go with the aerospace track and people who focus on spacecraft go the astronautics track.
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    You can get in Engineering first and decide your major when you become senior. I would say Aero is the best choice for your goals. You can go to a school physically close to a NASA division and then get a co-op experience with NASA. You will have more chance to work for NASA after you graduate.

    Good Luck!
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