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Evanescent waves at change of cross section

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    Hey guys,

    if I consider a Bernoulli-Beam with a constant jump in cross- section as shown below picture1.png
    Then I get the two differential equations for the bending mentioned above.

    Let us now assume that a travelling wave from the left w_incident = C*cos(k_1*x - ωt) arrives at t = 0 at the jump of cross section. If I know claim the following transition conditions:
    Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 00.33.39.png
    I get the following results for w_1 and w2:
    Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 00.34.44.png

    The question is: How do the evanescent waves (exponential decaying waves) propagate? The formula says, that every point x of w_2 already has a displacement so that might be the steady state solution. But how can I get the transient behaviour? Therefore I need to know how the evanescent wave propagates. But I often read that evanescent waves do not propagate...But they cannot just be there all of a sudden, can they?

    Your help is much appreciated,
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    I can only look at the beam as an electrical analogy.
    How can you have a travelling wave if the end of the system is free and does not absorb the energy? With your system, all energy is trapped and will appear as standing waves.
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