Final Project Presentation Topic?

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I'm a high school student interested in persuing Physics in college. I just took my AP Physics exam, and I think it went well =]. I realize this isn't a specific homework question, but because it pertains to my AP Physics class I thought it would be appropriate here.

Because we took the AP and still have a month of class, our final "exam" is going to be a lecture we give the class. Our assignment is to a lecture on a topic that interests us, one that we haven't covered over the course of the year. I'm wondering what topics are good to impress the teacher, but aren't overly complicated (most of the class is taking Calculus I or II).

I want to use this opportunity to look into areas of physics that are "up and coming" for my career in physics.

Any ideas?



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Maybe look through some of these lectures for some ideas? [Broken]
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