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Homework Help: Finding unknown substances and masses

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    From the information below, determine the mass of substance C that is formed if 45.0 g of substance A reacts with 23.0 g of substance B, assuming that the reaction between A and B goes to completion.
    a. Substance A is a gray solid that consists of an alkaline earth element and carbon; the m% carbon in the compound is 37.5%. It reacts with substance B to form substances C and D. 4.0 x 1016 formula units of compound A weighs 4.26 micrograms.

    b. 47.9 g of substance B contains 5.36 g H and 42.5 g O.

    c. When 10.0 g of substance C is burned in excess oxygen, 33.8 g of CO2 and 6.92 g of H2O are produced. The molar mass of substance C is MC = ~26 g/mol.

    d. Substance D is the hydroxide of the metal in substance A.
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