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Homework Help: Fluid - Determining pump power for pipe flow system

  1. Aug 16, 2007 #1
    Fluid - Determining pump power for pipeline with constant head

    gentlemen, i need some help to solve for part b as attached. The friction factor for pipe 1 & 2are 0.003106 and 0.003438 respectively and the Z value calculated is 9.997m of water. With a 20% increase in flow rate for the piping system, what is the approach i should take to solve this question?

    Thank you

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    Use the steady flow energy equation. The complete equation should include losses due to pumps, minor losses, and head losses.For all similar problems, write out the equation, and begin to rule out variables.

    Hint: It seems that both point A and B are both exposed to ambient air...this allows you to neglect some things.

    Solve for h(p). Then plug this into the pumping power equation, and solve for P.

    If you still need help, or need the specific equations after trying it out yourself, let me know.
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