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Homework Help: Force and Motion Question

  1. Feb 16, 2010 #1
    1. In Fig. 6-50, block 1 of mass 4.0 kg and block 2 of mass 6.6 kg are connected by a string of negligible mass and are initially held in place. Block 2 is on a frictionless surface tilted at θ = 38o. The coefficient of kinetic friction between block 1 and the horizontal surface is 0.18. The pulley has negligible mass and friction. Once they are released, the blocks move. What then is the tension in the string?

    2. Block 1 force diagram:
    Fnet = m1a
    T - friction = m1a
    T - (Uk*m1*g) = m1a
    [T - Uk*m1*g] / m1 = a

    Fnet = m2a
    T - mgsinθ = m2a
    {T - mgsinθ} / m2 = a

    3. I then set the equations equal to each other to get [T - Uk*m1*g] / m1 = {T - mgsinθ} / m2 I went through and plugged the variables in and solved for T and I got 43N but I guess it's wrong. Can someone please help?
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