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Force & net torque. Please Help

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    Force & net torque. Please Help!!

    I have two problems for homework that I just can't seem to figure out. Can someone please help me?! Thanks.

    1) A jet transport has a weight of 2.97 x 106 N and is at rest on the runway. The two rear wheels are 17 m behind the front wheel, and the plane's center of gravity is 13.1 m behind the front wheel. Determine the normal force exerted by the ground on (a) the front wheel and on (b) each of the two rear wheels.

    2) A CD has a mass of 17 g and a radius of 6 cm. When inserted into a player, the CD starts from rest and accelerates to an angular velocity of 18 rad/s in 0.53 s. Assuming the CD is a uniform solid disk, determine the net torque acting on it.
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    There is a homework forum available - you will probably get more help there.

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