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Homework Help: Friction coefficients

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    Here is my question:
    should the kinetic friction coefficient Fk be the same when the object with mass m is pulled with a constant velocity as the kinetic friction coefficient with the same mass m when it was pushed and released.
    The measurements in the second case were taken from the decelerating part of the Force vs. Time graph.

    I have several table with data many of which i have calculated myself.
    from the formula: Fk = ;mu * Fn
    Fk - kinetik friction force,
    ;mu - coefficient of friction kinetic force
    Fn - normal force
    in the first case I have:
    m = 0.09 kg
    Fk = 0.1387 N (the uncertainty here is 17% !!! Fk = 0.1387 +- 0.0238)
    Fn = 0.882 N
    => ;mu = 0.1573

    In the second case:
    m = 0.09 kg
    Fk = 0.2585 N
    Fn = 0.882 N
    => ;mu = 0.2931
    here i also have uncertainty in acceleration which I use in order to find Fk.

    So, my question is: Should the coefficient ;mu be different in two cases or do I have such a big error?

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    The coefficient should be the same. If you are pulling the mass be careful that no component of the force acts upwards since this will reduce the normal force.
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