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Homework Help: Friction problem of some mass

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    Mandy has a mass of 65 kg is gliding to a stop at an initial velocity of 1.5 m/s on her waxed skis on level snow. How far will she glide till she stops. Hint: You will have to calculate the frictional force which is causing her to slow and then calculate the resulting acceleration.
    (u for waxed skis on snow= 0.64)

    So far i calculated her frictional force (407.68)
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    The frictional force which you correctly calculated is the net force acting on her in the horizontal direction, so, per the hint, what would be the resulting acceleration using Newton 2? Once you determine the acceleration, you can use one of the kinematic motion equations to solve for the distance travelled before she comes to a stop (at which point her velocity is 0).
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