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Fundamentals of physics book solutions

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    Well, I am doing all the study of physics here by myself. I have The fundamentals of physics book, but all I need is the solutions to its problems. I have tried to search for such solutions but I could not find any, do you think you can help me in finding some of the solutions?

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    Tom Mattson

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    Do you mean an online solutions manual, or working the solutions out in this forum? I don't think there is an online manual. I do have solutions manuals for Halliday, Resnick and Walker from when I taught Physics I/II/III, but I have only hardcopies.
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    Well, as I said I have the book and I do study it all by myself. But sometmes I face challenging problems (who doesn't) and I was told that I can find a solution manual on the web, html or pdf. that is what I am asking for. SO can anyone help?

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    Doesn't it say where you can find the solutions?
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    Unfortunately, NO :(
    I am to google agian for these solutions. Thank you.

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    Well, I have this question now in my mind, which is better in your opinion:
    Fundamentals of Physics, by Halliday and Resnick, or
    Physics for Scientists and Engineers, by Raymond Serway?

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    If you are being self taught, the ladder book has some pretty good examples, but is pretty vague on the theory. The problems in the Physics for Scientists and Engineers are very well organized and color coded for difficulty. I am not familiar with the first book so I don't know. The second book is all calculus based. So I hope that you have a heavy hand in that, because it assumes and requires that you know it.

    Peace out

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