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Generator Load spike

  1. Sep 11, 2014 #1
    Dear All,

    one of our power plant has load spike when engine is running in parrell operation 7 * (3.5MW) capacity.

    one engine suddenly down the load at zero kw in three seconds again load pick at full load .
    this engine had an accident of generator blast last year.
    please advise
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    jim hardy

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    Diesels ?
    Sounds like a governor or fuel pressure problem.
    Can you connect some sort of recorder to monitor to fuel pressure and injector rack position?
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    Are you saying the one generator rejected load after a system load spike and then attempted to take on load again? Or did you mean the load reduction on one generator caused a spike in the other six generator loads?

    Also define sudden. Do you mean a few cycles or seconds?
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    Are you running in Island mode or connected to a grid? What type of fuel control do you have, mechanical, electronic? Are you running in droop or load control?
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    Dear All,

    plant is running droop mode not connected with grid
    fuel type HFO heavy furnace oil engines, this engine is software control,
    during operation communication failure appeared and all parameters held (hang) emergency stop does not work.
    this engine one accident of over speed alternator rotor poles broken

    today we found that control system hardware panel earth (ground) is not connected may have this reason for this issue, please give your comments.
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    jim hardy

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    I never trust a computer with anything important.

    I hope it has a centrifugal overspeed trip. If not, stay physically away from it.
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