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im new to this forum, i yust registered, and i think is great forum, the best and wery helpfull

im on a physics and informatics colledge, i need to pass classical mechanics (i have some dificulties with it), so i have a question does somebody know some good book about classical mechanics (with kinematics, statics, dinamics, fluids)(i' d prefear theat goes from bottom and theat is wery good in explaining)?

If you want incredibly excrutiating mathematical detail go for Greiners classical mechanics. It is dead boring though and probably not very good as a introduction.

If you want a good introduction I liked the chapters for mechanics in "university physics" by Young and Freedman.
Hey, i am new to this forum.i dont know how to continue with things here.pls someone suggests me how to use this forum in a better way.
i want a good book on classical mechanics containing good numerical problem .i want to practice from that.please smeone suggest some good books,thanx.
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i guess Classical Mechanics by Prof Klepner will be great. well i am new too and i looking forward to this forum.
If you need to get up to speed, French's Newtonian Mechanics is at a level between freshman physics and, say, a book like Symon.

There was a, but it seems to be long out of print.
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im new here too.. wht wud u say about I E IRODOV for mechanics problems...herd its quite gud...

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