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Graphing acceleration/time, jerk/time

  1. Dec 15, 2014 #1
    I understand that
    [itex]a/t[/itex] is called "jerk", or change in acceleration.

    What would this graph look like as a qualitative position/time graph? (Assuming constant jerk)

    And to take it further, what would a jerk/time graph look as a position/time graph?
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    You mean "da/dt" the time derivative of acceleration.
    A horizontal line.
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    if (da/dt) is not zero , it would be a horizontal line 'y=a' where 'a' is the value of jerk.
    (dv/dt) would be a line with a slope equal to the value of the jerk.
    (dr/dt) would similar to x^2 graph.
    (r vs t) would be similar to x^3 graph.
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