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Hello, please pronounce this word

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    How will you pronounce "Krstse" in English ? Thanks
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    Well it's not an English word, so there is no correct pronunciation.
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    But does it have a meaning ?
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    None whatsoever, in English.
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    buthow to pronounce it ?
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    It's not an English word. It has no meaning. It has no pronunciation.
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    Well that depends on the orginial language, which looks like Bosnian or Serbian.

    Perhaps it is prononunced like "curse tse" or "kurst se" or "cursht se", where "ur" is pronounced as in "fur", which also sounds like "ir" in "fir".
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    Is this some kind of puzzle or riddle? Well... It looks Sanskrit to me.
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    I'd interpret the ts as in tsunami, making tse sound like "see"
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    It's not an English word, and it is not used for anything by English speakers, no one is aware of where it comes from or what it means, therefore no one can say how it should be pronounced.
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    Can you give us some context? Where have you seen the word?

    What Zoob is trying to say (IMHO) is that, if an English-speaker is going to try to say that word, it would behoove them to pronounce as closely as possible to the way it is pronounced in its native language.
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    No, what I'm saying is no one can tell anyone how to pronounce it in English because no one uses it, or even knows what it means. No "English" pronounciation has been developed.
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    what about mstislav, as in mstislav rostropovich? (i think his english-speaking friends call him slava)
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    I understand you zoob. It has a pronunciation in whatever language it is. We could make up an English pronunciation, but that would be butchering the correct pronunciation in the original language.

    I suspect what is really being asked for is a phonetic spelling of the word to help with pronunciation. But, we can't very well do that if we don't even know what language it is.
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    No, that's not what I'm saying.

    Take the word "voila" which comes from French. According to how I hear people pronouncing it on TV it has taken on the English (or at least American English) pronouciation of "wahlah", as if the v is pronouced as a w. So, if someone asks how "voila" is pronounced in English the correct answer is "wahlah, simply because most people seem to pronounce it that way.

    The OP asks for the English pronounciation, which assumes it may be different than the original language pronounciation. We don't use that word at all, and so no English pronounciation has been developed. So, the only correct answer to how it is pronounced in English, is that it isn't.
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    Well, some sleuthing from those links suggests it might be Slovene or Bosnian. One link is to a forum, and lots of folks on that site have a location of "Drzava." (Sorry, I don't know how to include the diacritical marks to spell that with the correct letters). So, I looked up Drzava, and was able to find two pages on Wikipedia that matched the language. http://bs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sjedinjene_Ameri?ke_Države [Broken]

    and http://sl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Država

    the codes "bs" or "sl" are supposed to tell me the language, but I didn't recognize them, so, on the choice languages, switched to English.

    Then, I found the matching pages in English.

    And then looked to see which languages were highlighted as already being visited. :biggrin: Then a quick Google search translated those into English.

    I still don't know how to pronounce the original word out of all this though. :rofl:
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    In that case it's not necessarily a pronouncible word, it could just be a bit of code or even a mistake in the code. I noticed that the first link has several severe typos and am thinking that the Krstse may possibly be a typo in that instance. It's odd that there were only three hits.
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    Reminds me of Bart's classic game-winning scrabble word in the Simpsons. Kwyjibo: "A fat, dumb, balding North American ape with no chin".
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