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Help for my spring design

  1. May 21, 2010 #1

    I have a very simple application which uses a compression spring. There is a slider attached to one end which pushs the spring by 10 mm. After release the spring should throw back a weight of 1 kg(which is the slider weight).

    Spring Dimensions -
    OD - 14
    ID - 9

    What should be my -

    Closed Length
    Free length
    Material .......(it should be non corrosive)
    Hardness........(should i use a hardened spring. My application is simple but the life is 20-30 years)
    Coiling direction......(What should be the coiling direction..Left or right...& what effect it makes on the operation)
    Type of end....(There are many types such as plain, ground end. Actually i am going to load the spring on a shaft of 8 mm. As the slider will slider the pin will enter into a hole in the counterpart. This is deliberately done to avoid any extra operation of spring riveting & ensuring failure proof mechanism)

    Need Help.
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