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Help! need help to open hijackthis

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    help! I just got hijackthis and now I can't open it. It says it uses notepad as default program to open but all I get is a page full of unreadable text. I also tried wordpad and the same thing happens. How do you open and run hijackthis??? :confused:
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    You must be hijacked already. EXE files shouldn't be associated with notepad. I say you go into the command line and execute from there.
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    I just read that on another website that notepad was the program to use to open hijackthis, but when I tried it, it didn't work. So how do I open and run the hijackthis program? what is the command line?
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    No your doing it all wrong. Geez, no wonder people have so many problems with spyware.

    Tell me, how do you NORMALLY run a program? When was the last time you ran Internet Explorer with Notepad?

    If you need through instructions read this:

    http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/tutorial94.html [Broken]
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    thanks, dduardo for the bleepingcomputer site.. it was very helpful until I got to the part to unzip the hijackthis file, which may be very simple in xp, but I have Me and the unzip directions don't apply to my computer. so now I'm back at square 1 again. I have hijackthis and it's zipped. sorry to be so ignorant, but how do I unzip hijackthis in Windows Me?
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    nevermind!!! I'm getting the winzip file now
    many thanks!
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    Run IE on notepad!? AHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAUAHAHA. I have to go and see if I can destroy my computer by trying to run UT2004 on calculator.
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