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Help with comic book character?

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    Hey guys, I have a comic I'm working on and wanted to know if anyone could help me with the science/ physics part of the main character.

    With his left hand, he can make things like boulders, ships, whales, etc. (heavy things) as light as a feather. Using his right hand, he can multiply an object's weight and make it extremely weighed down/heavy. He can also heal extremely fast and turn his body into metal.

    Besides those last two parts, could someone explain the science aspect of the whole making things heavier and lighter power? Like do they have anything to do with Impulse, momentum, energy, etc. or are their any formulas etc. I'm not that much of a science buff lol. Thanks
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    Making an object lighter/heavier (changing the mass) will certainly change things that depend on the object's mass. There are too many formulas to list completely, but here are a few basic ones:

    Kinetic Energy: e = mv2
    Momentum: p = mv
    Force: F = ma
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