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Help with XRD data

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    Im new to this forum. I was hoping someone could suggest a free program or how I could determine the miller index's from XRD data. I know roughly what they should be by knowing the material we fabricated, YBCO a = 3.82, b = 3.89, and c = 11.68 Å.

    Many thanks in advance
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    Ok so maybe i wasn't very clear. I have the data from XRD on a sample we fabricated. It is YBCO, what I would like to know is how to determine the difference between my sample and the ideal a, b, c lattice parameters a = 3.82, b = 3.89, and c = 11.68 Å?

    Again many thanks in advance
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    every crystals data can be compared with data in international crystal database... you can find a software were u can open the ICSD data and compare it with your data.

    and to determine your structures data you can download any offline softwares which can analyse your graph(for ex: X31 might be helpful)

    all the best.
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