High School Physics Competition: Change in Entropy

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    During a physics competition, I came across this question.
    My work was
    [itex]\begin{align*}\Delta S &= \frac{Q}{T} \\ \Delta S &= \frac{1.25 \times 10^3 \, \mathrm{J}}{348 \, \mathrm{K}} \\ \Delta S &= 3.59 \,\,\mathrm{\left( J/K\right )} \end{align*}[/itex]

    but I was stuck in between two answer choices

    c) + 3.59 J/K
    d) # 3.59 J/K

    I had no idea what the hashtag meant, so I skipped it. Can someone clear this up for me?
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    Honestly I have no idea, but certainly the change in entropy is positive, so answer c) is correct. Maybe it's a misprint?
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    I guess what dipole said it's right 'cause it sometimes happens
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    For anyone who was wondering, the hashtag just meant "negative". Thank you dipole.
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