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Horizontal oscillations to vertical.

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    I want to convert horizontal type of oscillations to vertical oscillations.
    is there any existing mechanism for it?
    if not, what should i do.
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    I believe you can look at a slider-slider mechanism. Imagine a two pistons inside of sleeves which are connected with a rod. The two pistons are 90° from each other. As one of the pistons moves, the connecting rod will force the other piston to move in the opposite direction.

    After some research, there is also something called a Bell Crank Linkage, but it needs the horizontal/vertical movements to have some play in them.
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    You could use the trammel mechanism which consists of two sliders, say one along the x-axis and one along the y-axis, joined by a rigid link. As the vibratory motion moves the horizontal slider, the vertical slider will also oscillate. Energy will be required, however, to move the system, so this is not free.
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