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How to apply a load that is uneven(non parallel)_

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    i need help regarding applying a load that is not parallel(It's like an inverted u shape object applying load but due to it's non parallelity the load that is applied on the object is non uniform)

    the difference is 1mm between one arm and the other of the inverted u object
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    Do you have a drawing/image of this set up. What are you trying to achieve? Reusltant force?
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    the load applied on to the shaft is supposed to be parallel ....but it is not so.....the load that is being applied on to the shaft is non parallel......so i need to determine the stress concentration to see whether this non parallel application of load is the cause for the failure in ansys.................
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    You need to make a picture. You're an engineer. Non-parallel is a bogus non-engineering term. Stop using it.
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