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How to convert Audio output jack signal to 5V range?

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    Hi Guys,

    Can Some one Help me to Figure Out how can i Convert Voice Signal from 3.5mm Jack to Voltage.
    Though the voice signal has low signal strength can i boost it using amplifer and to get output in Voltage what is the Process i am not figuring out the perfect way. Sugest me your Option.

    Waiting For Replay and Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    Is this from a laptop? Can you just use a small external powered speaker to amplify the signal?
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    Any audio amplifier rated over 7 W should be able to do it.
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    It depends on what you have and what you want to do, which you have not specified in detail. I don't know what you mean by "Voice Signal from 3.5mm Jack"... is the signal coming (1) directly from a microphone or (2) from a line out connection? And where do you want the signal to go? To (1) speakers, (2) headphones or (3) a line in connection?

    EDIT: Sorry, I missed reading the title, "How to convert Audio output jack signal to 5V range?". Do you mean you have a line level audio output (ca ±0.5 to ±1.5 V) which you want to amplify to ±5 V?
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    yet another poorly worded OP aye ?

    it has been assumed the OP was referring to a headphone output ... but who knows ?
    he may well mean line out ? Berkeman's and Dale's responses are suitable for either option

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    jim hardy

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    Indeed, we don't know if he's after a boom box or an interface to FFT spectrum analyzer.

    Yes an amplifier seems intuitive.
    Take a look at LM386 audio amplifier . It works from a 9 volt battery and requires very few parts
    Here's a hobbyist level tutorial

    their datasheet link doesn't work, try this one
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    I don't often make this suggestion but why not go into Maplin's (other retailers are available) and ask one of their staff for something to do the job? They are a very keen bunch and (Maplins) will not try to charge you over much for the solution. If you take any documentation you have, in with you to the shop, they have a better chance of giving you want you need.
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    Thanks For Replay the Original Voice Signal mentioned is taken from SIP Based Device(Zycoo I20 Speaker) which gives human vioce signal from Telephone.
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    It already has 5V audio output, it directly drives a speaker with the built-in amplifier. Model C20 has 3.5W output, B20 has 10W output.
    See their website.
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    I have checked that device their is one separate port which gives 5Volt from Device Continuous but i need voltage only when their is Present of Audio Output.
    My basic need is Pontantial Free contact and Audio Output From device but i have not found any device which gives audio output and Pontatial Free Contact. So i am Triying to get 5 volt so that i will get Potantial Free contact from Reay Out
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