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How to stop leak of water tank while steel rod enters and exits?

  1. Mar 15, 2012 #1

    I have a tank of water (of plastic) of about 2 x 4 feet.

    I want a steal rod (with a ball of 5 inch at end of rod) to be cross that water tank from center, but water should not leak from tank (rod will enter from right and exit from left of tank)

    You can get more idea from image that i have tried to create.


    Please see it and tell me how it is possible.

    Plus: ofcourse water tank will have some cutting for rod to enter and exit.
    And my system only needs rod to enter from a side (not top)
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  3. Mar 24, 2012 #2
    More details please. Why must it do what you want it to do?
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