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Hydraulic Press actual Press Force (tons)

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    Hi all. I am new to this site and I would like to verify the following calculation. Is it correct to do it this way? Please advise. Thanks.

    Hydraulic Press: 15 tons (Enerpac RC1510)
    Gauge Max Pressure: 10000 psi
    Actual Gauge Reading: 2500 psi

    Actual pressure (tons) = (2500/10000) X 15 tons = 3.75 tons
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    jack action

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    Yes. From the datasheet, the effective area is 20.3 cm², which is 3.15 in². Multiply this area by the pressure (in psi) to get the force in lb.

    10 000 psi X 3.15 in² = 31 500 lb (or 15.75 ton)
    2 500 psi X 3.15 in² = 7 875 lb (or 3.9375 ton)

    But I wouldn't rely on these numbers if precision is important.
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    Thank you for the input. Appreciate it.
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